Conservative Manifesto - Local Elections 2019

Local Election Manifesto 2019                         


  • Deal with the Council’s debt – almost half a billion pounds and rising
  • Work to get a deliverable Local Plan adopted
  • Take borough-wide action to reduce rat infestations
  • Abolish the costly Local Area Committee tier of local government
  • Stop the annual above-inflation increases in fees and charges
  • Introduce new initiatives to boost recycling and reduce waste
  • Develop and implement a strategy to tackle air pollution locally
  • Work with stakeholders to reduce substance abuse and antisocial behaviour
  • Stop the decline in our town and local centres with positive transformative action
  • Set higher standards for grass verge maintenance and street cleaning
  • Abolish the new Lib Dem charges for disabled bay applications
  • Reverse the Lib Dems’ real-terms cuts to voluntary organisations’ grants