Mims Davies in Westminster

Mims Davies has taken the Eastleigh seat at Westminster and would like to sincerley thank all those who voted for her across the constituency.

Mims Davies says, "I will to do all I can at Westminster to raise the issues across the area to get the best deal possible for local people and use my time at Westminster for the best outcomes for the patch. I will be working hard alongside fellow Hampshire MPs to raise and find soultions for the issues that matter to all voters. In regard to the trains, our motorways and the pressure across this growing area, I spent seven months listening to people on the doorsteps about their concerns and worries and will do all I can to address them. " 

Mims adds, "I have already raised my concerns with the Planning Minister regarding the lack of a local plan, lack of 5 year land supply and hostile greenfield applications across my constituency. I have also raised my concerns regarding NHS provision and our road and rail infrastructure needs. I will be pushing to see the Conservative South Coast Plan moved forward and I will be attending and supportting many local events and activities too."

Mims concludes, "I have had a great many good wishes, very kind support and wonderful invitations. I am just finishing the setting up of my Westminster Office. I will also have a local office too in due course. I will look forward to working with local Councillors and community groups over the coming years. It is a real honour to be the first female MP for Eastleigh and I will do my very best to make a true difference for all our residents and bussinesses. My thanks to Mike Thornton for his kind wishes and pay tribute to his hard work and wish him well for the future."