Your say on Eastleigh's Planning Policy

The Local Plan that Eastleigh has published and put out for consultation is weak and not in the interests of residents. I am calling on Eastleigh Borough Council to work harder to produce a Local Plan that will protect constituents from hostile developments that we simply do not have the infrastructure for.

The Lib Dem Council failed to create a strong enough plan last time. It was rejected by the Planning Inspector for being unsatisfactory. The result of the Lib Dems' failure is that developers have been securing permission to build thousands of houses often with the 2 Conservative Councillors being the only voices of opposition. These houses would make the dire traffic situation even worse and our infrastructure simply will not cope.

I have been campaigning for a better and stronger Local Plan that will protect our green spaces, recognise the need for infrastructure investments and improve our town centres. The Local Plan is produced by Eastleigh Borough Council so we need to stand together to tell them that their current draft is not good enough. To comment on their draft plan please click this link, or print the Word or PDF form.  The public consultation ends on 17th February 2016.  If you wish to speak to my parliamentary team on the Local Plan, please phone 020 7219 6853.