EBC - Casino Council Deeper in Debt

Eastleigh Borough Council’s net debt is set to reach £519,706,000 next year and beyond that in future years. Eastleigh is one of several councils borrowing heavily to gamble on the property market in the hope of big returns to balance the books.

Local Plan Shambles

Eastleigh has been without an adopted Local Plan since 2011 thanks to failure by the Lib Dems.

Time Up For Costly Area Committees ?

The cost of Local Area Committees will be almost £1.5M this year. Most areas already have parish/town councils to deal with the truly local matters. To most people, Eastleigh’s LAC’s are just planning committees.

Inflation-busting Stealth Taxes

Conservatives will put an end to the annual above-inflation hikes in fees and charges. Residents have to pay extra for a range of services they need on top of the Council Tax. This year:

Rats on the rise

Residents from across the borough have been raising the growing problem of rat infestations and yet last year, Eastleigh’s Lib Dem Cabinet said there was no requirement for a formal policy to be adopted.